Colours form a major part of our lives.  Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by colour.  Have you ever noticed how a colour has the ability to trigger your emotions? 

I often notice how different colours of my outfit affect the way I think, act and even may influence my attitude. Colour has its own language. It’s the language of our mood and energy that has the ability to affect our mind, emotions and even physical health.

There is a whole study that is called Colour psychology and it’s about how colours affect our behaviour, mood, our impression on others and our stress levels.  Colour can even affect our blood pressure

Colours are carriers of energy.  This is how blind people know the colour, because they can feel the energy.  Colour psychology is greatly used to sell things to us, to influence our emotions and our state of mind. 

According to Feng Shui, there are suitable and unsuitable colours for different industries.  Food industries use colour to attract attention and to increase appetite. Blue is believed to suppress appetite while red and orange and other warm colours like used in McDonalds branding, increase appetite.

Start noticing how the colours thst you wear and surround yourself with make you feel.