Stop being who you think you SHOULD be, and start being who you truly are.

”If you seek deep understanding, genuine challenge and an empathetic guide, Ella is right for you.”

John Mick

``Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher

``Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher

What’s at the core of any relationship?

Trust is absolutely necessary in order to establish not only your reputation, but also cultivate strong authentic personal and professional relationships.

What persona are you adopting to be “successful”?

We’ve learned to use masks to conceal perceived inadequacies and to preserve the ‘polished facade’ that is expected of us as “great” leaders. The other more subtle way, we adopt a certain persona at work that we feel is necessary for achieving desired results.

What are the costs of these masks for your personal life, well-being, and effectiveness as a leader?

Not being authentic and real undermines trust and effectiveness, discourages people from collaboration, creates inner conflict and makes us struggle to align work and home lives.

”Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


How can you bring your various journeys into greater alignment and lead with integrity and authenticity to make global impact?

I am the developer of TRUSTABILITRIXTM – It is a process for developing Conscious Leadership That Really Matters.  It is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Be True To Yourself
  • Create Meaningful Connections and
  • Inspire Greatness In Others
TRUSTABILITRIXTM process helps my clients to  –

Build trust as the foundation for a powerful relationship & Connect in a more meaningful way

This is crucial in business relationships, and even more so in the personal relationships that bring meaning and joy to your life.

I have written my book based on these principles and I have designed my coaching programmes around them.

The TRUSTABILITRIXTM – allows you to:

  • reconnect to who you truly are
  • develop deeper connections with people who matter in your life
  • relate with others in the meaningful way that breeds loyalty and trust
  • lead from the heart in your business and personal relationships
  • redefine the challenges and obstacles, harnessing your strengths and unlocking your true potential to unlimited possibilities!

I work with you to help you build confidence, resilience, focus, determination and an authentic presence in every area of your life.


  • increase their capacity as a leader by being conscious of your behaviour at all times
  • be in tune with your own performance as a leader and how your actions impact the growth and development of your team and company
  • reflect on the growing importance of trust and bringing the human connection to business relationships
  • become the best version of yourself without reservations or restrictions holding you back
  • increase your ability to make things happen as a leader by bridging the gap between your hearts and minds so that you can find balance, and achieve your highest potential
  • become more understanding of your inner states, recognise your emotional patterns, tendencies and triggers that impact on your behaviour and the impact you have on others before the damage is done
  • build a deeper, more meaningful connection with colleagues and team members and the people who matter in your life
  • close the gap between what you feel like you SHOULD say and do in order to be successful and what you WANT to say and do in each moment
  • deliver true impact by awakening the true leader within

But it doesn’t matter how successful you are in your career, if your personal relationships are falling by the wayside, you are not getting the fulfilment that you really want out of life. And when your personal life is fraught with challenges, that inevitably impacts your professional life as well.


  • reconnect with your partner so that you can feel as in love with each other as the day you were married
  • communicate with openness and honesty so you can work through your challenges TOGETHER
  • reclaim that romantic spark that may have disappeared a long time ago
  • you experiencing deeper connections and intimacy with your partner and your sex life is more satisfying
  • feel secure, loved, create unstoppable momentum and and carry that energy into your business life to inspire even greater levels of success
  • pave a successful work and life balance
  • feel like you’re really living a life you were meant to live

If you want to talk about TRUSTABILITRIXTM

On the call, I’ll help you to

  • discover the masks you may be wearing in your personal and professional relationships that prevent you being your authentic self
  • how to start to reconnect with who you really are and how you want to show up in this world
  • how to continue to build your relationships based on trust and authentic communication

Who will benefit from working with me?

If you’re a business owner, consultant, professional or entrepreneur who:

  • feels frustrated about the direction your life and career are heading
  • has reached a plateau unable to progress to the next level
  • lacks confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • has a lack of identity and vision for the future
  • avoids confrontation for fear of being rejected or causing upset
  • has a pattern of sabotaging relationships and opportunities through poor communication and behaviour
  • finds it difficult to voice your true opinion
  • or you just want to take control of your life, find true clarity, genuine connections and greater prosperity by achieving your true potential

Let's stop reacting and start interacting

BOOK IN for a DISCOVERY CALL and learn how to show up in this world  as who you truly are!

8 more reasons why you want to work with me:

I consider my work important yet I’m super easy to get along with. I have uncanny capacity to hear your true voice. From our conversations and dealings, I quickly get a sense of the challenges and issues holding you back. I can assist you in seeing yourself through fresh eyes to gain a deeper level of self-awareness. The confidence and clarity you’ll achieve is incredibly rewarding and empowering.

I’ve helped many business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs like you take charge of their lives and find greater fulfilment and prosperity. I have over 3 decades of experience in business, leadership and education. And having faced many personal and business challenges myself, I understand the complexities of trying to balance business, life, health and family.

I am very eager to learn and grow. As the world evolves with new challenges arising, I constantly explore and adapt my coaching methods to ensure they reflect and address current needs and issues. And I utilize all that I know and learned via my education and experience, in our work together.

Committed to you 100% throughout our coaching journey together. I provide what you need right now to help you grow into your true potential and achieve your dreams. I will keep you on task without making you feel pressured.

I’m a fully qualified leadership coach, NLP, hypnosis and time-line therapy trainer, which means I offer a broad range of solutions. My heart-centred leadership programs consider your individual needs. They’ve taken years to personally refine and shape and have a proven track record for achieving results.

My coaching space always remains open, confidential and non-judgemental. I listen to your needs, desires and objectives ensuring you feel relaxed throughout coaching journey.

It’s important you work with a skilled professional who’s invested in your success. While there are cheaper coaching programs out there, they often fail to drive the results you need. An investment in yourself and your business will ultimately lead to greater success and earnings.

From the moment we decide to work together, I’m invested in your journey and development. We’ll continue the creative process together in collaboration, however will offer direct approach, bit of knowledge and recommendations to upgrade your experience. I have a genuine passion to propel you towards living up to your true potential and prosperity.

If you’re up for us to discuss the options of working together then let’s chat about it and see if it’s a good fit.