”I am extremely happy with the results! I recommend the profound experience of Ella's guidance to everyone.”

Brendin Olorenshaw

Looking for a speaker for your next event who can inspire and provoke thought?

Ella is an Author, a qualified Coach and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is also the creator of ‘TRUSTABILITRIXTM’ – The Leadership That Really Matters – which stimulates healthy mindset and authentic expression for conscious leaders, leading to deeper, stronger relationships and greater professional success.

Ella isn’t another of those speakers who have great theories. She has lived and practiced everything she speaks about.

“It’s only when we communicate and connect from our hearts that we get to inspire others and grow as individuals. It’s one of the most important qualities of a truly great leader.”

Ella Kushnir

“I always feel positive, energised and focused after my sessions with Ella. An amazing person with amazing talents. She not only listens, but understands and most importantly gets results.”

Oleg Brein

Choose one of these Engaging, Empowering Presentation Topics that BEST Meet What Your People Need

Ella delivers these and other totally customised topics as keynote talks.
  • ‘Be Your Brand’ – people buy from YOU if they TRUST YOU, not the product. Learn 3 Principles of Trustpreneurs.
  • ‘Leadership That Really Matters’ – It can take very little time for a poor leader to take a good company and drive it into the ground. We will decode the power of leadership that really matters.
  • ‘How Communication Shapes Our Results’ – 4 step rpocess to capitalize on your effectiveness every time you speak, resent, or communicate in any way.
  • ‘Lessons From Little Red Riding hood’ The wisdom of being cautious and the reliability of one’s internal early warning system.
  • ‘Lessons Learned From Russian Dolls’ – How to identify the common threads, be aligned as a leader with your personal journey and bring that into a greater alignment with the broader organization?

Ready to make progress? Hire Ella to speak at your next event and discover the secret to why people often fail to achieve their desired goals and objectives.