Hi, I’m Ella Kushnir – Conscious Leadership Coach, educator and author.

"Conscious Leadership and Authentic Communication is the foundation for success in business and life."

Which areas of your life or work are you looking to improve?

Perhaps you’re feeling burnt out, unmotivated or unfulfilled?

Or, you struggle to build positive, loyal relationships with colleagues or clients?

Maybe you lack the confidence to make decisions and important changes?

I help smart, talented, ambitious, hard-working Business Leaders who have achieved a great deal of success in their lives, but are struggling with a sense of inner emptiness and isolation about their work. They are ready to take off the masks, reconnect with who they truly are and communicate with authenticity in both their personal and professional lives so that they can finally experience success in the truest extent of the word.

What’s the difference between a boss and a leader?

A boss is someone who leads from the back, who has his subordinates and manages them.  His main aim to get things done.  A conscious leader not only gets the job done, they empower and encourage their team to innovate and think creatively.  They are interested in helping them grow, develop and achieve greatness. A boss can be a leader, but not every boss is a leader.

My Journey

Before I began my journey as a leadership coach, I second guessed my decisions and struggled to honour myself and my own needs.

Trying to juggle a thriving business, a marriage that was on the rocks and young children, I often found that it was hard to communicate what was really important to me.

These challenges I faced led me to explore what drives us, why we make certain decisions, how our brains work and why some people fail and others succeed.

And I realised that the biggest factor always came down to communication

I spent much of my life examining how authentic communication is critical in professional relationships. But after my marriage broke down, I realised the impact that poor communication has in our personal relationships as well.

Now I was driven more than ever to change the way we communicate so that we can lead from the heart in both our professional and personal relationships and reconnect with who we truly are

Today, my methods and teachings as a leadership coach reflect my journey, inner wisdom, personality, experience and truths. My programs enable you to take charge of your life and be who you truly are, turn doubts into confidence, panic into focus – become the best version of yourself and lead with integrity and authenticity.

A little more about me

Ella Kushnir

I’ve started work at the age of 17, handling millions of dollars daily while working in the financial industry.

At 23, I co-founded my own business building a turnover of $1.5 million p.a. within just 3 years.

By deeply understanding the challenges, cultivating strong personal and business relationships through trust building and authentic communication and applying appropriate processes, lead to the business success.

I’ve led a successful business career working for and within top tier organisations like CitiBank, Stockland Mall, Just Jeans and GIO Insurance. During this time, I became adept at developing systems, which improved efficiency, reduced running costs and achieved goals faster.

Over 30 years of experience, education, research and trials, I now use this knowledge to help others manifest their dreams.

I am an enthusiastic advocate for wisdom and authenticity and a big believer in empowering others to be the best that they can be.

I’m a conscious leadership and authentic communication coach and qualified trainer in NLP (neuron-linguistic programming), Coaching and Time-Line Therapy, as well as Feng Shui practitioner.

I’m also a loving and proud mother of 3.

The opportunity to work alongside talented, ambitious, motivated, brilliant entrepreneurs has given me the passion and inspiration to do what I do… to help business leaders and professionals to take their business and personal life to the next level by making them into more conscious leaders.  Not bosses – leaders.

``Build your amazing business and life on your own terms from inside out``

– Ella Kushnir

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