I recently had the opportunity to engage the services of Ella Kushnir and commence working with her last November to look at why I was continuing to self-sabotage the results in my life.

I have been considered fairly successful by my peers owning & running my own businesses over the past 30 or so years. In fact I have been working in the Education field for the past 15 years in the areas of Resileince & Leadership. However fairly recently I once again found myself going through a second marriage break up after another 14 years of marriage.

I found the way that Ella presented and ran my session was very natural and extraordinarily focused, gentle and completely thorough with amazingly effective results.

Without my actually realizing it and after some very gentle and congruent leading of the way Ella assisted me in my process to go directly to the heart of my issues. As a result of her making & holding the space so safe and true I was able to clearly identify what my issues were and how I had been causing the results that I found I was continually repeating in my relationships with others
In my ongoing commitment to my personal growth and results I have been to more than one counselling or similar sessions over the years yet I found that as a result of Ella’s naturally intuitive and authentic methods with my process I am now in a position to genuinely take Responsibility for my results that I had been unconsciously sabotaging throughout my life.

I am in no doubt that my results are now clearly starting to finally turn around for the better to which in no small way I know Ella has contributed.

I would recommend Ella to anyone who truly seeks to create better and more positive results in their life
Thank you Ella from the depth of my heart.