Mastermind Program
  • How do you cope when the going gets tough?
  • How do you delegate tasks to get the job done?
  • Do you crumble under pressure?
  • How easily do you make difficult decisions and communicate with others around you?
  • Do you want to create greater level of fulfilment and success in business and life?
Mastermind program

You know you can’t do it alone and you know investing in group program and mentoring will save you money and reduce time and mistakes to help you GROW MORE…. I am glad you’re here.

This program will help you:

  • Gain empowerment and strength of mind
  • Learn the fundamentals of heart-centred leadership
  • Turn your weaknesses into strength
  • Learn how to communicate with intention
  • Understand your emotional triggers and limits
  • Learn to trust in your decisions and gain the respect of others
  • Inspire teams to commit to goals and achieve results faster
  • Learn lateral thinking and new ways to make better decisions

This program covers the 3 greatest challenges for any leader – success mindset, persuasive communication and leadership development & resilience. Once you understand yourself, you’ll feel empowered and better positioned to understand those around you.

Would suit:

CEO’s, Directors, Leaders and Managers who:

  • Have worked hard over the past few years and are already successful in their own right
  • Desire to grow more sustainable business or company but not sure how to do it all
  • Want to become more effective, empowering and productive leader in your company
  • Juggling too many responsibilities and never ending to-do lists
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burned out
  • Having difficulties managing interpersonal conflicts
  • Feel unmotivated so unable inspire and empower others


  • 3 private One-on-One coaching sessions via telephone or Skype
  • 13 x 90-minute weekly group webinars including Q & A
  • Worksheets & activities
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to closed Facebook group
  • Accountability