I was continuing to self sabotage the results in my life. Ella assisted me in my process to go directly to the heart of my issues.

I found that as a result of Ella’s naturally intuitive, extraordinarily focused, completely thorough and authentic
methods with my process I am now in a position to genuinely take Responsibility for my results that I had been unconsciously sabotaging throughout my life.

I would recommend Ella to anyone who truly seeks to create better and more positive results in their life

Thank you Ella from the depth of my heart

Steve BrunskillLive Out Loud, former Global Educators P/L
Melbourne, Australia

My favourite parts of the workshop were the Heart Compass exercise and the VirtueScope exercises – these were great and I had some powerful take aways. The idea of reframing our thoughts moment to moment I found to be of a great benefit. Unproductive Vs. Productive Thoughts – this has been a powerful and useful tool for me to action daily.

Overall, the experience is about learning to tune into our inner heart compass and distinguish what is in alignment to our true North. Knowing and understanding my boundaries and preferences.

Love & gratitude ??

Kimberly Quintal

Upon presenting Ella with my initial problem, she took to the time to completely understand what I wanted to achieve with the breakthrough session. Ella demonstrated flexibility and being creative in techniques when something unexpected showed up as well as patience and empathy. It feels wonderful to be liberated from these emotions that have been blocking me for so long.

I am extremely happy with the results! I would recommend that everyone experience the profound experience of Ella’s guidance.

Brendin OlorenshawFounder, on the pulse naturopathy, New Zealand

Ella has an uncanny ability of knowing exactly what is happening and sessions with her go beyond coaching to re-connect you with you. She assisted me in letting go of limited beliefs that were holding me back and I wasn’t aware of.

I always feel positive, energized and focused after my sessions with Ella. Amazing person with amazing talents. She is not only listens but understands and most importantly gets results.

Oleg BreinOB Shades, Sydney

Ella is a rare combination.  She is an intuitive spirit with a natural sense for what is driving a person and where their spirit is crying out for liberation.  And she has educated herself in the disciplines to assist that spirit with its liberation.  Her thirst for understanding and technique is unlimited, and she has dedicated herself to this pursuit for her own personal development, and for her calling to help others achieve all that they can be.

Ella has addressed her own significant life challenges, equipped herself to deal with life’s downs, and then met them head on.  She has come through strong and free, and ready for her work assisting others to move forward.

Ella has empathy and patience.  She will not stop when she finds a symptom, when the surface has just been scratched.   She will pursue to the root of an issue, a fear, a limiting belief, relentlessly, until she is satisfied that she is treating the cause not the symptom.  She then brings to bear her very considerable training and understanding of NLP, coaching and other techniques to assist you in finding your way.

If you seek deep understanding, genuine challenge and an empathetic guide, Ella is right for you.

John MickHead of Research, Product & Strategy, QLD